Rum Point and Mudslides go together like….

How does that saying go again? Love and marriage go together like horse and carriage; that would sound familiar for us over the age of forty. These days we can probably add; fries and ketchup, or chips and salsa, or wind and sailing, or texting and dating!

Either way the fact remains that Grand Cayman’s Rum Point and the Mudslides that are mixed and poured at the Wreck Bar and Grill, go together like few other things on planet earth. You may call Sail Cayman biased, but we are yet to see a visitor not be awestruck by the beauty of Rum Point and the ecstasy of the first sip from a mudslide.

Rum Point, a white sandy peninsula of sand under swaying casuarina trees awaits tourists and locals alike on the north-eastern most point of Grand Cayman’s north sound. In fact it is so shallow that Cayman Islands boat owners anchor just offshore and walk in to the Wreck Bar for their mudslides. For tourists Sail Cayman says; Rum Point is a must see and a must do, put it on your proverbial bucket list and then book Sail Cayman’s Lazy Daz or The RIB to take you! Snorkel stops and Stingray City on the way to Rum Point is highly recommended as you will be thirsting for a mudslide after all the excitement!

Now let’s take a look at the Mudslide, indeed a legend in its own time. A decadent blend of vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, milk or cream and a cup of ice. Sail Cayman is not going to bore you with the ‘how to make it’ details right now, suffice to say you simply need to book you tickets and your charter to come and try it for yourself!

And you know how the other saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words” so here goes!

Rum-Point-Grand-Cayman-Island RumPointWelcome Rum Point Aerial rumpoint RumPoint_540x242 RumPoint1 Rumpointmudslide RumpointQuestions

And then the Stars came to the Beach

Probably the best thing about a snorkeling charter with Sail Cayman, other than the attentive personal service and a boat all to yourself, family and friends, is the fact that we take you to where YOU want to go. It is with this in mind that Sail Cayman would like to suggest Starfish Beach as one of your stops during your boat charter.

Starfish Beach is one of those magic places that even Cayman Islands residents keep going back to on lazy Saturdays and Sundays. Easter weekend, the only time when camping is actually legal in Cayman, finds beach and nature lovers camping at Starfish Beach. The rest of the year this pristine sandy peninsula of white beach provides a quiet and peaceful place and the ideal Caribbean getaway with oodles of paradise charm.

How do you get to Starfish Beach? Well that’s easy as it’s only a 15 minute boat ride with Sail Cayman’s speedy power boats, Lazy Daz and The RIB. Our luxury yachts, Nauti Gal and Splendour In The Wind will get you there by chilled out wind power and anchor just offshore in order to protect their keels. Lazy Daz and the RIB can beach in knee deep water from where you can wade to shore, frosty in hand.

Crystal clear water, palm trees swaying in the wind, a sunny and soft sandy beach, what more could you want…maybe just some sunblock Sail Cayman would suggest, we bring the rest!

Starfish Point (1) Starfish Point (3) IMG_4190 IMG_1088 IMG_1107

Sail Cayman’s favourite destination, because the hosts are so overwhelmingly friendly

Sail Cayman offers several Cayman Islands charter destinations, but our favourite will always be, without a doubt, Stingray City!

Those of you who have been to Stingray City on a Sail Cayman charter, will agree with Sail Cayman that the hosts are extremely friendly. For those of you who are still sitting on the fence, here is some info and background about our hospitable rays that will make you book the air ticket to the Cayman Islands and the charter to Stingray City on your choice of Sail Cayman’s 4 boats.

The north sound of Grand Cayman is a shallow body of water, between ankle to 15ft deep and it’s protected by a barrier reef. The Cayman Islands has a rich history of fishing as, back in the good old days, fishing was one of the few ways to bring dinner to the table. The fishermen fished outside of the barrier reef and then anchored their boats in the calmer water just inside a break in the reef in order to clean their catch. The guts and other stinky goodies went overboard and in time the fishermen noticed not only the pesky yellow tail snappers but also the presence of Southern Stingrays. The next step took a brave (and at the time probably referred to as stupid) individual to feed the rays by hand. Naturally the brave individuals then decided that actually getting in the water AND feeding the rays would be a brilliant idea. The rays played along and ate beautifully with the result that the next logical step would be to show a tourist with a sense of adventure the phenomenon. Thus Stingray City was born and today has become one of the top watersports attractions in the world.

As literally thousands of visitors from all over the world have been visiting the rays daily, the disk shaped fish are totally accustomed to people touching them, holding them and kissing them and in return the Stingrays ask for nothing more than hand-outs of squid. In fact Sail Cayman has often wondered if Grand Cayman could be the biggest importer of frozen squid per capita!

But we digress, all Sail Cayman really wants to share with you is the awesomeness of this rare and wonderful place called Stingray City. Clear blue and calm water, shallow enough to walk in, we get an incredible feeling of peace and quiet when we visit the rays. Their soft bellies, their funky eyes, their permanent smiles and their very unique way of insisting on squid scraps simply make them and the experience they offer bar-none.

So please join Sail Cayman on our next adventure to say hello to our Southern Stingrays. Choose from 2 sailing boats or 2 power boats, pair your boat with our personal service and attention and of course a couple of frosties, maybe even some lunch on board and you are on the road (or seas) to realizing one of the most spectacular days in your life that you will remember forever.

stingray and cloud _DSC2878 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA