Rum, Rumpoint and Fun in the Sun

Sail Cayman talks about our charter destinations to Stingray City and Starfish Beach on our Facebook and Twitter platforms often. But we just realized that we owe you, our avid followers, friends and future and current clients a piece of history…in this instance the history of one of Grand Cayman’s greatest destinations….Rum Point!

Rum Point is named after the remnants of rum barrels once washed ashore from floundering ships. Rum Point has been a favourite gathering spot for locals as far back as anyone Sail Cayman asked can remember. With a natural point of sand that reaches into clear blue, warm and above all shallow waters Rum Point used to serve lobster nightly (they even apologized  back then as it was the only meal on the menu…..imagine that!) Besides lobster was easier to lay hands on than having to travel into town to purchase beef!

Ralph Coatsworth was the first man to have a commercial vision for Rum Point. He was on his way back from Trinidad to Montreal and fell in love with this piece of paradise. Ralph developed the Rum Point Club which included a hotel, bar and restaurant which back then, was powered by candle light and kerosene and only required 4 employees.

In 1994 a group of investors purchased Rum Point Club, they made improvements but ensured that the island atmosphere and quality of the destination remained.

Today Sail Cayman can drop anchor with Lazy Daz and The RIB extremely close to the Rum Point beach and our guests can literally walk to shore to enjoy the best and arguably most famous menu item…the much sought after Mudslide!

RPoint entry RumPointAerial1 RP sunset Rumpoint signs RPoint Snorkeling sign rum point mudslide

What Does Perfection Mean To You?

One of the most recent reviews on the Sail Cayman TripAdvisor page had only one word accompanied by 5 stars. The word was “perfection”. This got Sail Cayman thinking – yes we do think AND sail – and we decided to Google the word perfection. We found this;

  1. the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
  2. a person or thing perceived as the embodiment of perfection.
  3. the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.

This got Sail Cayman thinking some more about how much we try and make each and every single charter the perfect experience for our guests. How we try to be the perfect ambassadors in order to reflect the Cayman Islands as the perfect vacation destination. Then we thought about how perfect each and every one of our stingrays at Stingray City are. How perfect Starfish Beach is….how you can stroll from Lazy Daz and the RIB to the perfect beach with the perfect starfish. How you stand in the perfectly white sand on a perfectly sunny day.

We thought about all this so much we simply had to blog about it! What can be more perfect than cruising over the azure waters of Grand Cayman to our perfectly protected coral reefs in the Northsound under a perfectly blue sky.

They say picture tell a thousand stories. Here’s that perfect picture on TripAdvisor we are referring to…and some more, just to show what perfect times our passengers have and YOU will have!

Perfection perfection2 Perfection5 Perfection4 Perfection3



Celebrate 50 on a yacht sailing with friends, sunset, a rainbow and a super moon!

Sail Cayman’s Neil Galway hosted a 50th birthday celebration on Splendour in the Wind this past weekend. There are endless options when it comes to celebrating a BIG 50 in the Cayman Islands, but few options are as much fun, as exciting and as different as sailing Grand Cayman’s north sound with good friends, icy cold frosties and the fresh breeze in your hair.

At 47 feet Splendour in the Wind offers enough space for 12 of your good friends, 3 marine heads for your comfort and a huge interior perfect for mixing frosties, cocktails and serving and prepping appetizers.

And what better birthday gift from nature than a huge rainbow at sunset just before the rise of a super moon!

It was a superb night, Happy Birthday Bill Perigo, thank you for choosing Sail Cayman, we look forward to being there for the 51st birthday too!
Bill's 50th 002

Bill's 50th 025

Bill's 50th 036

Bill's 50th 028

Bill's 50th 031

Bill's 50th 091

Bill's 50th 095

Bill's 50th 112