12 reasons why we love sailing

If you have been following our Facebook page, you would’ve seen that Sail Cayman has been rooting and cheering for our fellow sailors, brothers Mike and Simon Farrington, who represented the Cayman Islands in South Africa where the annual J22 Worlds were being hosted. The team achieved a most excellent 3rd place.

Both Mike and Simon grew up and learned to sail at the tender age of 5 on the Vaaldam (where the J22 Worlds were held) and currently Mike is the Commodore of the Cayman Islands Sailing Club. So this got Sail Cayman thinking; why do we love sailing so much, what is it about sailing that our clients love so much (other than being in the great outdoors on a sunny day, daydreaming as you skim across azure waters)?

We googled (as you do) and we looked around and then we pondered some more and then we came up with the following:

History and tradition.
When you go sailing, you’re continuing a tradition that’s more than 3,000 years old! Sailing and sailboats are some of the most important inventions in human history, and have been pivotal in migration, trade, warfare, discovery, fulfilling a sense of adventure, satisfying curiosity and of course enjoyment.

The sense of pride and achievement that comes with learning to sail. 
Sail Cayman often lets our passengers take the wheel and let them steer the course. We have also taught countless of students how to sail in the past and there really is nothing like watching someone “get it” and then falling in love with it. Then there’s also the feeling of becoming the master of your own boat. Whether it’s a 22 foot keelboat on a local lake, or a massive ocean cruiser, skippering a boat is without a doubt a great achievement.

Giving orders….in the most politest of ways of course!
Gone are the days of cruel old barnacle-covered captains (until Pirates’ Week rolls around in November!). But giving and following orders, even in a casual setting, is still important and can be a lot of fun. You get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when everyone does their part and a tack or gybe comes off perfectly. Don’t believe us? Book a company charter with Sail Cayman and the crews can have a race day out on the north sound on NautiGal and Splendour In The Wind.

Sailing and boating books give the imagination free range!
From Moby-Dick to Master and Commander, sailing has given a lot to the culture of ocean adventures and discovery. Sail Cayman will always be in awe of those old world sailors who had the courage to round Cape Horn for example. And what about the Pacific peoples who sailed off into the horizons using only the stars as navigation and they had no idea what they would find…or not! Now that’s courage!

Feeling the boat accelerate when you get your sail trim just right
Some call this “getting in the groove,” or finding the “sweet spot.” You feel the motion of the boat level out, the speed picks up, and you’re cruising along smoothly. Maybe we’ll just call it the “sweet groove” coz let’s face it, it is pretty sweet!

Excellent company
You may not believe this but many of the world’s problems have been solved by sailors talking late into the night in the cockpit–unfortunately, they never seem to remember those solutions in the morning! Hmmm wonder why?  But that’s no matter–a sailing trip is one of the best bonding experiences ever, bringing friends and family closer, and turning perfect strangers into lifelong pals. Ask any Sail Cayman passenger or those who always come back to see us!

And this is one of the many reasons why our passengers love Sail Cayman. They get away from the bustle of their every day life, they leave behind the noise and surroundings of a 3 000 passenger cruise ship, and it’s the antithesis of big city life.  Sailing is a great opportunity to spend some time alone. Leave the noise, confusion, and stress of the world behind for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks, and experience the freedom of solitude.

Sailing vacations.
Seeing new places is a huge part of the attraction of sailing. Ask any of our Sail Cayman clients. Crossing the North Sound on a sailing charter to Stingray City, seeing this magic place for the first time, it’s simply awesome as the rays come to greet the boat. So instead of taking a drive to your next destination, why don’t you take a sail?

The community.
This one always cracks Sail Cayman up. We fondly refer to another sailor as a yachty if they have a keel boat or a catty if they have  a catamaran but as sailors and cruisers are a close-knit bunch. Even here in Cayman there’s plenty of good hearted banter between sailors as we pass each other in the North Sound or arrive at Stingray City.

Tropical destinations
Nothing and we repeat nothing beats the epic moment of being anchored in shallow bluw water in a tropical destination, like the Cayman Islands for example. The bottom line is that beaches, warm water, snorkeling, and tropical drinks go hand-in-hand with sailing and enjoying fabulous times with friends and family.

Finding places with ZERO cell phone reception.
Ooo this is a good one! Especially for the overworked, over stressed one of you out there who can’t even go to the restroom without your phone! Sure, Sail Cayman can get 5 bars in the middle of the North Sound but we’re not about to let you do the same when you are out here to relax! Sailing is one of the few ways left to truly disconnect from the pace of life for a little while and let your mind wander in the relative peace and quiet of the wind and waves.

The never-ending search for the next adventure.
Enough said right there!



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