We don’t want or need to be anywhere else but right here in paradise found

We found this post on Facebook today, maybe you’ve seen it as it’s been making its rounds through the wonderful world of social media, but it made us here at Sail Cayman think about how much we love and appreciate where we live and above all how we live. 


Living in the Caribbean is the dream of many and we are so fortunate to have made our dreams come true!

Neil Galway, owner and Captain at Sail Cayman moved to Grand Cayman from Ireland on a shoe string budget in his early twenties to work as a windsurfing instructor. Once in Cayman he knew he never wanted to leave again. He literally got caught up in sun, sea and sailing. Neil has also worked as a real estate agent but his first love, the sea and sailing kept calling and today Neil still shares his passion for sailing and his love for the water with his clients and guests. 

Orneil Galbraith, another Sail Cayman Captain was the fortunate one who was actually born in Cayman. Orneil suffered from bad travel bugs at a very early age and even though he has worked as far away as the Red Sea he always knew his home was right here in Cayman. Today Neil works with a constant smile on his face, he captures our awesome reef life and stingrays on camera, he takes part in lionfish culling competitions and he even spends his days off in the water with his adorable family!

Nicolas, originally from Nicaragua grew up on the water as he worked on his Dad’s shrimping boat from a very young age. But the idea of azure blue water and life in the Caribbean has always called Nicolas. He finally made his way to Cayman and today he’s another smiling addition to the Sail Cayman crew. 

So did reading this blog get you thinking about your life and what you do? Do you ever wonder about pursuing your dreams and caring about the way you live? If you ever did and if you ever wanted to live your dream, remember our three Sail Cayman crew members did, just imagine what you could do! 

The possibilities are truly infinite! 

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